It is hard to believe, but I have devoted almost half my life for the benefit of the Jasmine Community. My wife and I came here for 5 years and fell in love with the people, beauty  and location. 36 years later, we are still here and will continue…

Starting in 1987, my wife and I became managers, working with the Jasmine Community and an outside management company for 4 years. After 4 years the manage company was terminated and for 14 years we were promoted to self-managing the affairs of the Association. which included an outside company handling the accounting.

Prior to Jasmine…

Was, at 25, hired to self manage the Shores HOA from 1972 -1977. In 1977, Richmond American Homes began their company at the Shores.

Self-managed Beaver Village in Winter Park 1977-1982 

Self-managed Meadow Ridge in Winter Park 1982-1985

Self-managed Columbine Retreats in 1985-1987 in Breckinridge.

After Jasmine…

Self -managed Sumer House 2005-2007. Now $690K+

Self -managed Dayton Green 2007-2009, at the annual meeting received a standing ovation. Low $200 Now $300K+

Headed a team of two who rejuvenated the Woodstream Falls Condominiums. Prices were $20-30K now $200K.+ 210-2013

Misc background…

As a 50+ year Colorado resident

As a 35+ year Denver resident

As a 35+ year Jasmine resident.

High School teacher for 5 years in Illinois

Jasmine Connection…

Both a Jasmine investor and resident, the only one who both lives here and invests here.

Jasmine community manager for 18 years

Past Jasmine Board President

Past Jasmine Board Vice-President

 Past Jasmine Board Secretary

Major Accomplishments…

Served on the Aurora Parks and Rec Board

One of five, who founded the Rocky Mountain CAI chapter in 1976, Community Association Insisitute, is the backbone organization for National Education of Multi Family “Individually Owned” Homes.

Elected to the CAI Board as their FIRST vice president

Represented Colorado at the National Conference in San Diego

Helped Host National Conference in Denver

Featured speaker at several national CAI events

AAMD, Apartment Association of Metro Denver, member since 1975 and was on the small owner’s board for several years.

Was one of 17 appointed by Mayor Webb to rewrite the Denver Building Codes in 1992-1995. My duties were to represent the needs of the apartment and condo properties.

Realtor since 1968 both in Illinois and Colorado, RETIRED


2,500+ as a Private, glider, ultra-light, and aerobatic pilot for over the past 50+ years.

Certified parachuter and hang glider

Co-pilot for an air ambulance service