We are Currently on Sale, Prices will NEVER be this LOW*

Jasmine, in the past and currently, has had to overcome several obstacles:

Land lease instead of land ownership:

Natural Gas is included in the dues:

Major repairs/replacement to the steel and concrete walkways:


History of the Land Lease: Ownership qualifying was easier and it rewarded the developers with a beautiful annuity that was adjusted, every 5 years, based on the CPI inflationary index.

Jasmine’s property values have been handicapped since it inception with a  what is called a LAND LEASE, NOT, an Ownership, which thanks to the single effort of Robin Smith ended in 2011.

Now, the Association owned the land, but to do so, they incurred a $2.2M loan debt which has been the cause of for non-competative monthly dues. “Our dues are not competitive in the current market.”

Natural Gas: Which is used to heat all the condominiums, clubhouse, pool, common areas and the laundry dryers. For the past 30 years, Jasmine has contracted with wholesale suppliers to meet the gas demand, saving us thousands each year over xcel Energy’s prices.

Because of several factors beyond our control, war, inflation, cold weather etc, the costs have tripled during this period. Because of the additional costs the Board has enacted a current gas surcharge which will be adjusted as required. As natural gas prices drop so will the dues.

FYI: Keep in mind that if you were to receive a separate gas invoice from xcel, without our volume discounts, your combined utility monthly costs would be considerably more.

Major Construction Updates: While exterior walkways are preferred for several reasons, they do require proper maintenance and occasional replacement.

Operations: Because of the economy of scale and an active Board the day to day operations are relatively competitive with the market.

We are not Cherry Creek or Cherry Hills, but we are an excellent place to life and raise a family. Please come join us!